We Start New Churches

CityView was planted by The Village Church. As was done for us, we are also committed to multiplying the Kingdom of God through giving funds to new church starts and through reproducing ourselves locally (Check out The Paradox Church or Redeemer Church of Springfield, MO – two of our partner churches we helped to start).

We also support church planting partners that have been assessed and affirmed through the Acts 29 Network of churches. Check out one of our partner churches that we have funded for over three years in Bangalore, India – The Crossroad Church.

We have also partnered to help support Kaleo Church of Houston, Christ City Church in Dallas, and currently support the Gospel Collective Church in Bath, U.K.

In addition to our own efforts, we partner with the following church planting entities:

Acts 29 Network
Denton Baptist Association

If you would like to plant a church and would like to be trained in a church planting resident at CityView, contact us at planting@cityviewchurch.net with your interest.

CityView also supports some of our members involved in overseas ministry initiatives. In some cases we do this directly. In other cases, we do this through our So. Baptist funding of the International Mission Board.

Our overseas members are committed to either start new churches or help local churches thrive in their context. Currently, we have CityView people in Toronto, Belarus and east Asia.