Cultivating Christlike Character (holiness)

The goal for the Gospel-Life Ministry at CityView Church is to help you advance forward (grow) as a disciple of Jesus.  The “win” for the Gospel Life Ministry is that we grow in holiness – becoming more like Jesus.

The Gospel tells us that we CAN change!  And Jesus gave us the tools and power for change in the Scriptures and in the person and work of God the Holy Spirit.  As we learn from the Scriptures, we begin to distinguish truth from lies and the Holy Spirit enlivens us to more readily turn from lies and turn to the truth found in Jesus and His Gospel.


The Gospel Life Ministry is made-up of 3 yearly cycles that take on the following pattern:


Week 1 and 2 – Intensives:

Two and half hours of scriptural teaching on practical or current issues for both weeks. You will need to RSVP and commit to attend both weeks.


Week 3 – Open Events for men and women:

Two separate open-invitation events (one for women and one for men). Each of these events will continue some of the themes from the intensives but will focus on the unique aspects of male and female discipleship.


Weeks 4 through 12 (approx):

Meet in a cohort comprised of 2-3 other men or  2-3 other women on a regular basis of no less than 5 meetings, using the previous 3 weeks of scriptural teachings as a basis for applying the Gospel to the whole self – mind, motivations and actions.  Within a cohort, the hope is that we would learn together to engage in honest confession, genuine repentance and faithful obedience.

You can either form your own cohort in advance or we will help you form a cohort through the first two weeks of intensives.