The Info you need about CityView during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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We are so grateful for your interest in CityView Church. The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many of our operating standards. Thus, our elders and staff have implemented changes to minimize the risk of exposure. Please reference the Frequently Asked Questions below so that you can be aware of the updates we have made in order to continue our in person worship services safely.


Are you meeting in person?

Yes – we are meeting at 9 AM and 10:30 AM on most weeks. We currently require an RSVP each week. You can RSVP this week HERE.  RSVP closes at Noon on Friday during most weeks.  We are also streaming BOTH services live every Sunday.  We assign seats based on your household size, spacing options and the size of other households attending your service.  When you arrive, you will look for your name attached to a paper on the back of a block of seats.


How can I visit/view the service online?

All of our indoor services are live-streamed and can be accessed from our YouTube page at any time (Outdoor services will be posted later in the day on Sunday).  When the service is live, the link will take you to the currently-live service.  If you watch via Roku or TV app, its best to simply subscribe to our YouTube channel – the live service will show up on your favorites every time you log on to YouTube.


What are the dates and times of the upcoming services?

While we will do outdoor services occasionally during nice weather, nearly all of our services during the winter months will be indoors. For the most up-to-date information on our meeting times, ALWAYS check our calendar – it is always up to date!


How can I get connected with leaders/members at CityView before or after a visit?

We would love to get your contact information and have the opportunity to serve you in whatever way we can.  For your convenience, we encourage you to fill out a connect card ahead of attending (or watching) one of our services for the first time.  Our online connect card is found here.


What are the expectations for those wishing to attend an in-person service?

(For those looking for kids-specific info, we address kids classes in the next FAQ below)

First, expect to experience the joy of gathering with others to worship our glorious God! Let that joy penetrate your heart and stir your expectations! Do not forget to make eye contact with one another and smile at one another – this is important in an atmosphere where hugs, high-fives and handshakes are lacking.

“Pew Bibles”, handouts (weeklies, month-at-a-glance, etc.), kids’ activity packs or seat-back items (pens, connect cards, etc.) will not be available. Prepare ahead of time and bring your own pen, notes and Bible (or Bible app).

For your convenience, the doors to the building and auditorium will stay open both when you arrive and throughout the service.

For a variety of reasons, households will be seated together, with recommended distances from other households – your household’s block of chairs will be clearly labeled.

Communion elements will be safely and individually partitioned out beforehand. There will be four communion locations from which you can pick up the elements for your family and return to your seat.

We expect that you are ready to be responsible and courteous to your fellow worshipers. Before leaving your home, please do a temperature check and a candid evaluation of your entire household’s health and any possible symptoms.

Finally, we are asking you to wear a mask while in our services – especially during the holiday season while you (and others) might be gathering with older and immune-compromised loved ones. The following is an explanation from one of our medical professionals:

CityView family,

“Your brothers and sisters in Christ who work in healthcare would like to encourage you in the fight against covid-19. Wearing a face mask or face covering protects those around you from the spread of germs in the case of asymptomatic spread or before symptoms appear. We specifically urge you to consider having a mask or covering while singing as the act of singing has the anecdotal potential to enable the viral particles to last longer in the air and travel further in an enclosed space. Please consider our request to temporarily wear a face covering, not as a violation of personal freedom/liberty, but as a call to demonstrate deference and charity for one another while we worship our King together amidst a pandemic.”


What is CityView doing with children’s classes?

CityKids classes are offered during our 10:30 am service for children up to the 4th grade. An RSVP is required for each child attending CityKids, and can be done using the above RSVP link. CityKids classes are limited to 5 or 6 children per class, depending on room size. Teachers are required to wear masks at all times. Masks for students are optional. For a complete list of our Covid-19 CityKids policies, please visit this link.


Where can I find more information on getting connected with a CityLife Community Group (small group)?

For an up-to-date list of our CLC groups, please visit our website. You can reach out to the leader of the group you are interested in for more information on their group.


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