What are Redemption Groups?

Brett Allison – deacon of Redemption Groups at CityView – describes the Redemption Groups experience in the video below.

Redemption Groups Stories

Redemption Groups Podcast

A Redemption Group™ is an intense small group that is designed to help us grow as disciples.

At CityView, we usually have one cycle of Redemption Groups per year (usually in the winter or early spring). Please be aware that space is always limited. Dates, registration and information for our most recent cycle is below.

Whether we have a new Redemption Group Cycle coming soon or not, get a head start by reading “Redemption: Freed by Jesus from the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry” by Mike Wilkerson.

Redemption Groups were developed by Mike Wilkerson, president of the Redemption Group Network.